About the backside

antwerp central railway station city of diamond

When you are an Antwerp local, looking at the backside of your 1987-watch is a bit like coming home. It shows our hommage to the iconic Central Railway station which is worldrenowned for its glorious architecture.

Here is a little history ...

Construction of the current building took place between 1899 en 1905. It was An eclictic design by Louis Delancenserie who was inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and the old railway station of Luzern (Switzerland). 

When the building was in very poor shape during the mid 20th century, thoughts of demolition were luckily swept from the table. And in 1975 the building was pronounced a historical landmark, making it a permanent part of the Antwerp skyline. 

And now, many years later, the majestic Railway Cathedral still shines like a diamond at the crown of Antwerp. Ranking at the top of all lists of beautiful railway stations across the world. 

 So, why picture this landmark?

Simple. Historically, the clocks in a railway station were always correct. Giving the trains and conductors the chance to leave the station at the exact time. Unfortunately, recent history shows us that trains being on time is not that straightforward anymore ...

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