Antwerp: top 3 reasons to visit "The Diamond City"

Antwerp, the city of diamonds, an intriguing city that has captured the heart of many natives and tourists alike. But what exactly is it about the city that enamours the people? Here we see the top three things Antwerp is most famous for.

Like it’s going out of style

With designers like Dries van Noten, Raf Simons and Ann Demeulemeester Antwerp can hold its own as fashion city against other fashion paradises like Milan or Paris. One stroll past the windows of “Het Modepaleis”, the flagship store of Dries Van Noten is enough to convince you so.

Furthermore we also have the MoMu, Antwerp’s fashion museum where you can see some of the most stunning collections you will have ever seen.

A lick of paint

Peter Paul Rubens, a name that still resounds loudly in the art world, was a student at an Antwerp art school. His paintings were defined by his characteristic Antwerp style. Around a dozen of his works can still be found at the “Rubenshuis’, which translates into “house of Rubens”.

Hold my beer

One thing the Flemish are very proud of and good at is making and drinking beer!

When visiting Antwerp a tour around one of our world famous breweries is a great way to learn the culture. At brewery “De Koninck” you can take part in an interactive tour of the building and finish the educational visit with a refreshing “bolleke”, a staple in Flemish culture.

Or if you prefer a more scenic view while tasting the culture, café “De Zwaan” offers some of Antwerp’s finest beers while overlooking the beautifully lit Hendrik Conscience square.

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