The Emerald Collection

There’s a new timepiece in the works, one for the real art connaisseurs between us.
Keep reading to find out what makes this watch a real collector’s item!

An homage to art

First of all, we wanted to achieve something special and limited with this watch. Therefor we decided to only make 12 copies.

This is an homage to the rules art established in France in the 19th century. This rule says that for any bronze art piece only 12 could exist at the time. Eight reproductions and four épreuves d’artistes.

We applied this same logic to our timepieces, each one being numbered from 1-8 or with the épreuves d’artistes I-IV.


Now on to the watch itself

We opted for a 40mm stainless steel case to preserve that sweet spot between business and pleasure.

The movement inside the watch is a Japanese Miyota quartz ensuring that your watch runs as smooth as possible.

Featuring Diamond Cut Hands, the Emerald Collection keeps its sleek and minimalist style.

For the first time in LESCAUT history, our watch will feature a green watchplate with a metal mesh band. This creates a more refined look suitable for even the finest of gala events.

How to order

  1. Go to our shop.

  2. Choose your prefered LESCAUT Emerald Collection model.

  3. Choose your payment method and check out.

  4. Start the countdown!