What's in the name?

“The Scheldt”

LESCAUT, where does the name of our watches come from? LESCAUT is the French translation of “The Scheldt”, a river that forms the lifeblood of our beautiful hometown, Antwerp.

Thanks to LESCAUT, ships have been able to sell their products from all over the world in our harbour for centuries. Because of this, Antwerp was able to flourish as a world city with a world harbour.

The colour of the watch face on our very first watch is called “ESCAUT Blue” as it represents the colour of “The Scheldt”.

Silvius Brabo

This figure of local folklore is famous in Antwerp. 

Legend has it, that in the Dark Ages Antwerp was ruled by the terrifying giant called Druon Antigoon. He lived in Het Steen, the castle by the river Schelde and every boat that passed his castle was forced to pay toll. 

Until one day, the Roman legionnaire Silvius Brabo was fed up with this. He confronted Antigoon and after a fight, he killed the giant. Afterwards he chopped off the giant's hand and threw it in the river.

This act, called in flemish: "hand werpen", was credited by locals to giving the name "Antwerpen" to their fair city. 

We have chosen to design a beautiful artwork of the statue of Brabo, to expand our wonderful collection of Antwerp Artpieces. 

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