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Why do watches "smile" on photo?

Ever wondered why the hands on a wristwatch are always positioned at 10:10? Mostly it’s an aesthetic choice. Here’s why: 10:10 is a symmetrical position. We, or should I say our brain, tend to like all things symmetrical. With the hands on a “10:10” position, all other features of the dial are clearly visible. Look how beautiful our LESCAUT 1987 branding fits perfectly between the two hands. Last but not least, the watch looks “happy'“ when the hands are smiling. This is a subtle way for the watch to send a message of positivity and joy to its owner. Did you know? In the 1920’s and 1930’s most watch manufacturers used the position “8:20”, which looks more like a frown....


Get ready for the "Winter in Antwerp"

Winter is coming, and our fair city has some wonderful entertainment in store for you. Starting on 7th December. Each year Antwerp is covered in a cosy winter atmosphere. This year’s events will kick off on 7th December with day-long entertainment. 12:00 Get to the “Grote Markt”. Stallholders are opening their chalets to welcome you with lots of delicious treats. Glühwein, gin, brandy and sweets are waiting for you. 12:00 In the mood for some more action? Head to the Quays to enjoy an astonishing “Rail ‘n Snow” spectacle. Snowboard shows and pumping DJ-sets await the thrill-seekers among you. More info on 14:00 All the little visitors will be welcomed in the Kindergarten on the Steenplein for a circus...